Compiling a Network App version 1.0 (Android)

Download the "Compiling a Network"-app (Size: 320kb)
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Technical Requiments:

Technical specifications and/or requirements can change without prior notice

Acknowledgements (ALPHA-, BETA- & UX-testers):

Thanks a LOT dood´ette & doodz - We owe you one!

It's neccessary to have the "unknown sources" option enabled on your phone (as it's disabled by default);
furthermore, you'll need to click the "Install" button to approve this app's requested permissions.

This app utilizes media-files stored out on the internet - in other words, all links in this application point exclusively
to online sources and media;so to keep your mobile bandwidth-usage (and phone-bill) down at a minimum, it is recommended
that you use this app over a WIFI-connection, or - alternatively - if you have a flat-rate based 3G-connection.


By downloading and clicking the "Install" button and by approving this app's requested permissions during the installation process, you implicitly accept that:

If you do NOT understand and/or agree to the wording in the "INSTALLATION"-, "USAGE" and "DISCLAIMER & LEGAL STUFF"-paragraphs above,
do NOT download nor install this app; further legalia regarding the app itself and it's usage is covered under:

The Apache License Version 2.0
The Creative Commons 3.0 License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs)

(See both legal summaries below)